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Holiday Message from Oregon Conference President Dan Linrud

The new president of the church headquarters in Oregon, Dan Linrud, shares his holiday greetings and a welcome to all the Oregon Adventist churches.

Watch the video on the left, or visit the conference website to read more about Pastor Linrud.



Lundquist launches OregonYoungAdults.Com

Oregon Young Adult Director Ben Lundquist recently announced the launch of a new website for Oregon Young Adult activities.

Some areas are still in progress, but the site is live. Check it out here.


Camp Meeting Video Archives:

Camp Meeting is over, but you can still enjoy it online.

So if you didn't make it to Camp Meeting, or if you want to see that favorite sermon one more time, click the link below to see the evening program live streams saved to the conference website.

Enjoy the excellent sermons by speaker Mike Tucker all over again.

Go to archive.



Conference Updates

Conference Connect

At the yearly Conference Connect meetings, the leaders at Oregon Adventist headquarters give church members an update on conference activities. Watch this year's Conference Connect online to find out what happened in the Oregon Conference in 2018, and what you can look forward to in 2019!



Find all the conference announcements here.



Fellowship Hall

If you want to reserve the fellowship hall for your ministry, or for a private event, please contact us. All fellowship hall uses must be approved by the church board, and we want to avoid schedule conflicts.

Food Labels for Missions

Want an easy way to help raise money for missions? Save packaging labels, with the bar code intact, from the following food companies: Worthington, Cedar Lake, Morningstar farms, Flavorpak and Santiam. Turn the labels in to Cheryl Moulton for a mission fundraiser.