Have fun with your church family. We have groups for kids and adults. Email us if you'd like to join a group.

Children's Programs

Besides sabbath school programs for every age, we plan summer and special events for our kids. Send us an email for more information. 

Teen events

Join us for game nights and excursions to make friends love Jesus, And don't forget our teen Sabbath school. Email us for info.

Singing Bands

Love to sing? Belt your heart out to some old Christian songs and make the elderly residents of Prestige Care home very happy. Email us.




Pathfinder club

Outdoor adventures and club meetings for grades 5 and up. Teens might enjoy our staff training programs too. Email to join up.

Hiking Adventures

When the weather is nice, our teens or other groups like to get outside and see some nature. All ages welcome. Email to learn more.


Meals of Hope

Free meals for everyone who needs them. Come to eat, or come to help. We can always use an extra pair of hands. Email for details.

midweek prayer

Join us to pray, study the Bible, and help each other get through the week. Email us with questions.

Have a group you'd like to add to this list? Want to start a new group but need a little help? Let's talk.