Going Home


Greetings Riverside Family,


I was impressed to write you a message of encouragement and hope. We have believed, some of us for many years, that Jesus is soon to return. Many of us who are older have lived long enough to know the pain of this world, and we long for His coming. It is now 2016! Who would have thought that we would still be here? But we believe His promise, so think of it as one year closer. Keep looking for Him to come! 


I remember times when I would travel long distances from home, and would be gone for a week
or so. I remember how anxious I would be to get home to my family. Finally it would be the day that I could start driving home. No matter how late it was, I would push on because I wanted to
get home. It seemed like the last few miles took longer to cover then when I left. But I would
keep going. What kept me going? The desire to be home, and knowing that if I just kept driving, 
I would arrive. 


We at Riverside still have work to do. We are not home yet.

We at Riverside still have work to do. We are not home yet.

We are on our way home but we aren't there yet. If we keep going, we will eventually see Jesus come. We are almost home, and it may seem like it is dragging on, but now is not the time to lose heart and give up hope. Now is not the time to sit back and be a spectator. Now is the time to make going home a priority in our lives. Now is the time to get involved. Now is the time to pick up speed and work for those around us who have no hope. Now is the time to think of how close we really are, and pray for those around us. Jesus promised he would return so keep looking and holding on to this hope. 


We will soon be home. Let's pick up the pace and work together! 


Looking to Jesus,


Pastor Merrill