Staying in Touch

I am one who has a hard time staying in touch with family and friends at a distance. Anyone who knows me very well would agree especially those at a long distance. I wish I were better at it because I do treasure the relationships that I have. It is just hard for me to use methods such as the telephone and emails. I do appreciate social media and that has helped, but I still would prefer to be face to face.

That is why I like the holidays, because it gives me time to really make the effort to be in the presence of family and friends. Maybe it is easier because they are making the effort as well. My sister invited us all to her house in Sacramento, CA for Thanksgiving. We all have busy schedules but we all made the effort to connect and it was a wonderful time. When we make the effort to be with each other even when we think we can’t because of our busyness, we usually find great joy.

God created us for relationships. He knew that our greatest joy would be in relationships.That is why when sin separated us from him; he made the effort to be with us. “They shall call his name Emmanuel, meaning God with us.” Matthew 1:23. Jesus made the effort to bring us into God’s presence where he knew we would find joy.

God’s greatest joy is to be with us. So why is it so hard for us to make time for him when he has made such an effort to be with us? When Jesus left, he left us with the Holy Spirit who continually can bring us into God’s presence. So, the greatest gift that God has given is His presence with us. Each day we can have the joy of God with us if we make the time to seek Him.

So, when you are enjoying that face to face time with family and friends this holiday season, remember that God has made the effort to have that time with you everyday. Take the time and seek Him and you will find that all through the year you can have Joy in His presence. His greatest joy is to be with you, is it yours as well?

Pastor Merrill